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Victoria lives in the greater Los Angeles area, married to her high school sweetheart, Justin, and is Mama to Moriah (in Heaven), Jadon, Olivia, and Shane. While she’s not busy chasing a toddler, kissing boo boos, and learning Fortnight dances from her kids, Victoria enjoys traveling to Southeast Asia to see her family, watching reruns of The Office, eating healthy foods to offset her love for cake, and takes time for herself by reading, running, and writing.

Victoria Nelson was a preschool teacher until her daughter, Moriah, was born with a rare, medically-complex syndrome called CHARGE. Through Moriah, Victoria learned the incredible richness of living life with special needs, and the inspiring determination demonstrated by Moriah and her friends to live life to the fullest, despite the many challenges they faced. After living in and out of hospitals with Moriah, Victoria became an advocate for children and families with disabilities. Victoria began ministering to families in hospitals and sub-acute facilities, worked in the Family Centered Care Department for a well-renowned Children’s Hospital in Northern California, and also kept a blog at, which gained a loyal community of lifelong friends.


Five Fun Facts About Me

Victoria Simran Nelson

1. I was born in Singapore

        I was born May 11, 1984 in              Singapore. I grew up in Southern       California, and spent my childhood       summers between Malaysia and       England. I am half Indian-Punjabi,                     and  half English.  





2. I met my husband in 7th grade


I met my husband, Justin in 7th grade. 

His locker was next to mine. We started dating in 10th grade. We went to college together at the University of Colorado at Boulder (Go Buffs!), and got married at 21 years old. He’s the love of my life to this day. 


3. I love the The Office

I watch re-runs of the The Office 
every... single... night!
 and it never gets old.

4. I love Christmas

I love everything about Christmas. 

I watch Home Alone 1 & 2 several times a year. My dream is to go to New York during Christmas time one day.


5. I love to experience

different cultures.

I love to travel and experience different cultures. My top 3 places to visit in the world are South Aftica, Bali, & the Czech Republic. Yet there are still so many places I can’t wait to explore!


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