Hiya Moriah officially released March 10, 2019!

A beautifully illustrated, rhythmic story about a young girl’s life with special needs. Through her brave attitude, and silly humor, Moriah is an inspiration for us all. This is a book that families can enjoy together with a timeless message about love and acceptance, and just saying “hiya” when making a new friend with different abilities. The bonus picture glossary and “What’s This? What’s That?” page in Hiya Moriah creates a space for children to celebrate how special and unique each of them were made to be.

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"Certain stories inspire us, some entertain us, and others teach us. Hiya Moriah, much like the real life Moriah, does all three. Moriah's story is special, not because she had special needs, but because of who she was as a person. She couldn't speak, but she spoke volumes. She couldn't breathe without a ventilator, but she was herself a breath of fresh air. She couldn't walk, but she ran circles around who knew her. This is a story that will change lives, hearts and minds, just like Moriah. It is a story that needs to be told, and a book that needs to be read."
Devon Dabbs
Co-founder, Children's Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition
Hiya Moriah is an inspirational book depicting a courageous child with special needs. It is rare to see children’s books illustrate the journey of kids who have special needs; however, Victoria Nelson does an amazing job sharing this experience. As a mother and a health care provider, I have yet to see other books comparable to this one. This is a long-needed gift for families to gain perspective about children with medical conditions and other special needs."
Jana Norris, PNP
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Hiya Moriah is a wonderfully written and inspiring children’s book about a courageous child. With rhythmic cadence and a rainbow of diverse, brilliant colors, it illustrates how differences can come together and have a penetrating effect on a young reader. Moriah’s love of life and engaging personality brings children together. Her physical limitations and the medical equipment she requires, become educational tools to spark curiosity and break down barriers rather than dividing them." Derek Y. Obayashi, M.D. Chair, Department of Pediatric Specialties Chief, Department of Pediatric Cardiology Sutter Health / Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Derek Y. Obayashi, MD
Chair, Department of Pediatric Specialties Chief, Department of Pediatric Cardiology Sutter Health / Palo Alto Medical Foundation
"Victoria and Justin are wonderful followers of Jesus and marvelous parents to their beautiful children. The gift of their precious daughter with special needs, Moriah, took them on an unexpected journey with God and each other. God’s love and beauty were revealed to their family in a deep, though painful way. Let Victoria share with you the gift of Moriah’s life to us all as only a loving mother can."
Nick Palermo
Founder of Young Life Capernaum Ministries Founder and current co-director of Emmaus Inn Ministries
"For all people, but kids in particular, a sense of familiarity with bodies or brains that may work differently from their own is an important part of breaking stigma and becoming open to building relationships. Hiya Moriah is especially wonderful in the way it exposes its young readers (and their parents) to some common medical devices in a straightforward and positive way. The diagrams and colorful pictures are especially helpful, as is getting a chance to know about Moriah's equipment but also her favorite activities and personality. Thankful to Victoria Nelson for this book, and for the ways that after reading it kids' hearts and minds may be more open to approaching their peers who use medical equipment and/or have a chronic illness."
Dr. Bethany McKinney Fox
Director of Access and adjunct professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary, founding pastor of Beloved Everybody Church, and author of Disability and the Way of Jesus: Holistic Healing in the Gospels and the Church (IVP Academic)
"Moriah was an inspirational child who, with the help of her extraordinary parents, rose above the physical limitations imposed by her medical condition. “Hiya Moriah” incorporates the elements of love, understanding, humor, and education to illustrate both the challenges and gifts that having a disability can bring. It reminds us that making friends and being accepted is a very important part of life for all children. This book is a source of inspiration for families facing similar journeys and can be a reminder to all of us that having a disability should not be a barrier to experiencing happiness and rich, beautiful interpersonal connections."
Manuel Garcia, M.D.
Chief, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
“All I can say is “Yay for Hiya Moriah!” You will want to cheer as well when you read this warm invitation to remember that every person is unique and special. Moriah will help you pick up tips and vocabulary for communicating with people whose challenges are different than your own.”
Dan Baumgartner
Sr. Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood (CA)
Hiya Moriah is a wonderful book. Children are naturally curious, and the book demystifies medical, mobility, and communication equipment that might be used by a classmate with special needs. Engaging and educational, the book encourages interaction and friendships in inclusive settings. A perfect tool for parents, teachers, counselors, school nurses and other school staff."
Ann Schulte, PhD
School Psychologist

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